2019 Programme


23 January                           Camera Tips                                             Technical tips plus Q & A

6 February                           My Favourite Film                                    Show Clips from your favourite films

20 February                         Making Use of Available Light               Workshop & Discussion

6 March                               SERIAC                                                       See some of the winning films from  SERIAC

29 March                             How to Film ab Event                              Workshop. Filming a Show or an event

3 April                                  Holiday Movie Competition                     Competition

17 April                               Indoor Filming.                                            Tying Knots

1 May                                  One Minute Film Competition                   Competition

15 May                                 An excerpt from a Feature Film                Discussion       

5 June                                  Team Project,  Planning                              Discussion

19 June                                Sound Equipment                                        Workshop.

3 July                                    Outdoor Filming                                         Club Project

17 July                                   Page to Screen                                          Workshop.  Creating from a script

7 August                                Snail Race                                                  Filming Session

21 August                             Film to Music                                             Competition

4 Sepember                           Results of Indoor Filming                        Clug Evening

18 September                         Results of 30 sec. Advert                        Club Evening

2 October                               Annual Film Competition                          Club Evening

18 October                             Annual General Meeting                           Club Evening

6 November                           Location / Group Film Results                  Club Evening

20 November                         Club Film for 2020                                     Discussion

4 December                             Christnas Lunch                                         Club Evening

Any Evening may also contain Discussion,

Technical Questions, Members Videos etc.