2020 Programme


15 January                           Films from the Club Atchive                                      See some of the films made by Club Members over the years

5 February                           Storyboarding                                            Workshop  –  See how to create a storyboard for your film

19 February                         Project Planning                                              Workshop  –   Plan and decide the Club films for this Year

4 March                               Making use of Available Light                             –   Practical Workshop  –  Bring your Cameras and film in available light

18 March                             SERIAC                                                                        See some of the winning films from SERIAC competitions

1 April                                  Holiday Movie Competition                     Competition

15 April                               Indoor Filming.                                                   Practical Evening   TBA

6 May                                  One or Four Minute Film Competition                   Competition  –   Make a One Minute or a Four Minute Film

20 May                                 Interviewing Techniques & Project Progress        Workshop  –  Learn how to improve your Interviewing for your Films     

 3 June                                  Questions and Answers                             Discussion  Any subject relating to films.  Somebody will have an answer for you.

17 June                                Animation                                                                 Talk by Alan Tutt on some of the aspects of creating simple animation effects for your movies

1 July                                    Location Filming                                                          A chance to get your Cameras out and do some filming.  TBA

15 July                                   Beginners Evening                                          Workshop.  Find out more about your Cameras, sound etc.

5 August                                My Favourite Film                                                  Bring an excerpt from your favourite Commercial Film  (10 min)

19 August                             30 seond advert results                                            Competition   –  Results of the 30 sec. advert

2 Sepember                           Results of Indoor Filming                                  See the results of the filming from April 15th

16 September                         Project Progress                                 Discussion.   —   Report on progress and view  results

7 October                               Annual Film Competition                          Club Judging of the entries for the Members Annual Film Competition

21 October                             Annual General Meeting                                  Club Evening  –  A chance to elect your Committee for 2021

4 November                           Location  Film Results                                        See the results of the filming session of July 1st

18 November                         Spring Park Film Makers  Showreel                    See films made by another Club

2 December                             Christnas Lunch                                               Club Evening  TBA

Any Evening may also contain Discussion,

Technical Questions, Members Videos etc.