2020 Reports

What we have done in 2020


Since this last evening, we have had no meetings due to the lockdown.

4 March

Member Barry Martin organised this workshop entitled  ‘Filming in Available Light’ Using a small table lamp with a towel  draped over it, it was shown how switching all the settings of the camera over to Manual would create different effect sand members were invited to try and produce their own images using just the basic settings.  The use of Colour Compensating filters was also exploited. The evening created some interesting discussion and nearly everyone participated with their cameras.

19 Febnuary

In the second evening of the month minds concentrated on the selection of film projects suggested by members in late 2019. Two of three actors for a film to be shot later in the month were present for a ‘read through’ of the script; and member Geoff Davey outlined on how he expected to achieve the footage required. The exercise provided moments of amusement, and also apprehension, due to the differences in how the desired outcome will be achieved.

5 February

The topic was ‘story boarding’ when member Trevor Weston showed his unique way of illustrating how he visualised a film before the film team and actors started work. The outcome was illustrated by showing the finished film. Using the same style he then showed another ‘comic strip’ set of drawings to convey how he imagined one of the club’s project films for 2020 would look. Whilst some members felt less detailed drawings would be sufficient, they observed that a film director would also need to think about filming angles, and the type of shots required e.g. ‘wide angle’, ‘close ups’ and framing.

14 January

The new year started by looking at films from the club archive. These brought back memories to those who were involved in making them, and entertained those who have joined ESM since they were made.